10.21.20 Rough Go of It Lately

 I've been oversleeping and getting chopped around lately. Mostly, I feel mentally fatigued from working 12 hours days (between trading and my regular job). Today was no different; I overslept then got beat up all day long on anything I touched until my last trade of the day, right before the bell. 

$ISIG was all of the sudden on my watchlist so I clicked on it and saw it pressing through VWAP on volume, right at the end of the day. If shorts were going to cover, this is where they were going to do it. I reacted as quickly as I could and hit it long from $1.24, took my first piece in front of the high of day, second on the extension, then saw it going into a halt at $1.73 so I closed it out. Sick, sick trade I wish I could have held onto a little longer but I wasn't sure what a halt at the bell would do. I thought halts were void the last 15 minutes of the day. Anyhow, still a red day but brought back most of the loss to make it a small red day.