10.29.30 $UUU & $PINS

 Pretty decent day. I haven't taken any trades the last couple days in an effort to slow down and regain some focus I feel like I've lost recently. I've also felt like I've been overtrading and getting myself into the same situation I was in back in July. Anyhow, my goal is to be extremely picky about what I'm trading and why. I started the day off with a trade on $UUU but got stopped out of it. Price moved through VWAP, tested, I got long, it moved to the nigh of day and rejected, HARD. When it rejected it pushed from the high of day back under VWAP and rather than holding all the way to my stop, I bailed. A few minutes later it rolled over entirely. 

My second trade was on $PINS. It gapped up HUGE today and I felt like it would put in an exhaustion fade while long term holders take profit. Volume decreased as the price was grinding higher and as soon as I felt like it broke I hit it. One issue I had while in the trade was I missed my second take profit. I was on the phone when it rolled into $61.50 and should have taken that profit as soon as I realized it hit it and was retracing. Not doing that made the hold through the lunch session pretty uncomfortable. Alas, I got $61.50 as the day came to a close and my final just before the bell. I though about holding after the bell for my final but I haven't been trading great lately and shouldn't be trying something new until I'm back on a streak. 

10.21.20 Rough Go of It Lately

 I've been oversleeping and getting chopped around lately. Mostly, I feel mentally fatigued from working 12 hours days (between trading and my regular job). Today was no different; I overslept then got beat up all day long on anything I touched until my last trade of the day, right before the bell. 

$ISIG was all of the sudden on my watchlist so I clicked on it and saw it pressing through VWAP on volume, right at the end of the day. If shorts were going to cover, this is where they were going to do it. I reacted as quickly as I could and hit it long from $1.24, took my first piece in front of the high of day, second on the extension, then saw it going into a halt at $1.73 so I closed it out. Sick, sick trade I wish I could have held onto a little longer but I wasn't sure what a halt at the bell would do. I thought halts were void the last 15 minutes of the day. Anyhow, still a red day but brought back most of the loss to make it a small red day.

10.12.20 Triple Loss

 My first trade of the day was on $JAKK. I liked that it popped through VWAP on increased volume, tested VWAP and popped back off of it; I got long and the trade failed. Not an upsetting loss - it just didn't work out. 

My second trade on the day was in $F. I decided while it was fading during lunch that if it hit VWAP and bounced at all I was going to take it long with my stop just under VWAP. I maybe could have given it a little more room but the end result would have been the same.

My last trade of the day I shouldn't have taken. There was room on $JD up to the $86.50 area and clear support at $84.77. The clear support I read as hard support but realistically it was soft. Before breaking that level to the upside price grinded against it for over an hour. I should have recognized that and not taken the trade. What's done is done though and I honored my stop so I'm not going to beat myself up about trading my plan. My plan just wasn't a good one. 

10.08.20 $FCEL & $JMIA

 I had it in my head all day that I jumped the gun on $FCEL and was premature to entering but looking back at it now, I still would have entered the trade when it tested VWAP. I'm not too upset about the loss and I kept it small so, all good. $JMIA I'm on the fence about. I ditched the position way over my stop because of the price action as selling pressure. It ended up extending in the after hours. Idk, semantics really because I don't trade after hours and I would have closed the position near where I did but I definitely left money on the table either way.



10.05.20 $WWR

 Missed my shot at $WWR on Friday and although it took me three attempts today to get into the trade, I got it. My first attempt was a premature VWAP play; I was in for tier 1 and brought myself up to full size too soon. I should have let the tier 1 play out and added on a true break of VWAP. My second attempt I just didn't feel comfortable with my size so I sold a little off to get comfortable but still felt uneasy and ditched it. My third shot was right after I ditched shot two.. When price sucked back above VWAP and gave me a clear pivot low to work off of I used that as my shot to make a confident trade. The only thing I wish I'd have done but was unable to do was apply more focus to the position. I was busy with work stuff and caught the clear trend line too late. When I saw it I went to double my position and raise my stop but I was a couple seconds too late and missed the chance. Still a really nice trade though and swung the day from red to green for me, so no complaints. 

10.02.20 - Nadda

 Another day without any trades.. I was all over $WWR and ready to enter but got a work call and missed my shot. Pretty infuriated about that but not much I can do about it. One thing I've noticed over the last three days is that I typically trade a lot of garbage. Bummed to be going into the weekend without any action or P&L momentum but grateful I'm not closing the week out on a red run. This evening or tomorrow morning I'm going to work on updating my monthly performance and YTD trend. I know they don't look great but the point of this journal is to share my journey and down the line be able to look back at where I started. 

09.30.20 & 10.01.20 - Not Much Going On

The market has been choppy the last couple days.. I've taken a couple shots but after entering the trades I thought twice and wasn't really into the trades. Inevitably, the trades I was in failed. My gut feeling I wasn't in the right trades was right, which is always nice. There's nothing worse than getting a gut feeling, acting on it, then seeing your gut was wrong and watching the stock rip without you in it. Not losing money is nice though too..