03.31.20 No Trades: Month in Review

Overall I'm happy with the month I put together by I'm incredibly disappointed with the draw down I took on the 4th. I went on tilt and it just crushed my P&L and confidence. On the 5th I took a normal loss but after the day I had on the 4th I really felt defeated and it compounded my mental ability to trade. The 6th there were no trades on my radar but I wonder how much my mental fatigue played a roll in "not seeing any setups." I shut off my P&L completely sometime around the 10th, which is when I started pulling my P&L out of the gutter. I definitely like not knowing at all where I'm at in my P&L.

I've been debating scaling up but after reviewing my performance as a trend from the beginning of the month to the end I'm not certain it's the right thing to do. I've also been debating to what scale I should be sizing up. Right now I'm only implementing .027% risk in my trades and in reality, I should be putting on 1%. I don't want to jump right up to 1% because I know I'll suffer mentally if my first couple trades are losers. Even if my P&L is shut off I'll know the dollar amount and it'll eat at me; it may only be 1% of my account but it's . My account size is probably larger than it should be for where I'm at in my skill set so I'm trying to not act as though I'm at a level I know I'm not. I'm going to sleep on where my risk is and whether or not I'm going to size up. I may double my risk for April, which is still only .054% of my account size and a dollar amount I can swallow losing if I fall off the rails. The major thing I need to keep in focus is not going on tilt and shutting it down if I get worked up.