10.12.20 Triple Loss

 My first trade of the day was on $JAKK. I liked that it popped through VWAP on increased volume, tested VWAP and popped back off of it; I got long and the trade failed. Not an upsetting loss - it just didn't work out. 

My second trade on the day was in $F. I decided while it was fading during lunch that if it hit VWAP and bounced at all I was going to take it long with my stop just under VWAP. I maybe could have given it a little more room but the end result would have been the same.

My last trade of the day I shouldn't have taken. There was room on $JD up to the $86.50 area and clear support at $84.77. The clear support I read as hard support but realistically it was soft. Before breaking that level to the upside price grinded against it for over an hour. I should have recognized that and not taken the trade. What's done is done though and I honored my stop so I'm not going to beat myself up about trading my plan. My plan just wasn't a good one.