03.31.20 No Trades: Month in Review

Overall I'm happy with the month I put together but I'm incredibly disappointed with the draw down I took on the 4th. I went on tilt and it just crushed my P&L and confidence. On the 5th I took a normal loss but after the day I had on the 4th I really felt defeated and it compounded my mental ability to trade. The 6th there were no trades on my radar but I wonder how much my mental fatigue played a roll in "not seeing any setups." I shut off my P&L completely sometime around the 10th, which is when I started pulling my P&L out of the gutter. I definitely like not knowing at all where I'm at in my P&L.

I've been debating scaling up but after reviewing my performance as a trend from the beginning of the month to the end I'm not certain it's the right thing to do. I've also been debating to what scale I should be sizing up. Right now I'm only implementing .027% risk in my trades and in reality, I should be putting on 1%. I don't want to jump right up to 1% because I know I'll suffer mentally if my first couple trades are losers. Even if my P&L is shut off I'll know the dollar amount and it'll eat at me; it may only be 1% of my account, which sounds small and with perspective is, but I don't come from money and the money I have I'm not eager to lose. My account size is probably larger than it should be for where I'm at in my skill set so I'm trying to as though the money in the account is less than it is. Anyhow, I'm going to sleep on where my risk is and whether or not I'm going to size up. I may double my risk for April, which is still only .054% of my account size and a dollar amount I can swallow losing if I fall off the rails. The major thing I need to keep in focus is not going on tilt and shutting it down if I get worked up. The proof is in the pudding for March - one or two days of nonsense will crush the entire month. It's not worth trading on tilt.

03.30.20 $RCL

My thesis coming into today was $RCL will put in some more downside. Essentially, continuation of the move I was looking for on Friday. My game plan when the market opened was to let the opening drive do it's thing, wait for Friday's low of day to be tested at $32.80, and get short with my stop right over the top of that price at $33.00. My target was $28.50. Right out of the gate it dumped right down to my target. I thought, okay, maybe we'll put in a bigger range today than we put in Friday. Maybe today is the day we get that aggressive move to the downside. I waited for a pullback to VWAP and got short, looking for a tradeline-VWAP crossover. We bobbled around VWAP, the tradeline crossed, and it reversed on me (just like I thought would happen on Friday). Today I held firm though and got stopped out. I kept my short bias in tact and started thinking how I could trade it and play back at it. I figured I'd wait for it to move back up to the opening price and get short there, with my stop up at $33.00. It didn't make it there and started showing signs of weakness. It made multiple attempts to get higher and was starting to arch. This trade was AWESOME! I immediately got short with my stop over the pivot-high and it rolled over right then. I got every piece of profit off exactly where I wanted the entire way to my final target, just below the low of day. I covered my loss on my first trade and added to my P&L. I'm beyond pumped on the management and execution of this trade!

03.27.20 $RCL

I loved $RCL short on the day but I misjudged the range it would inevitably put in. I thought we were looking for a move clear down to the $21.00 area so I sized my trade accordingly and had my mind frame set on that move. I got short under VWAP, looking for a tradeline-VWAP crossover. and on that crossover was looking for the tradeline to push the price down pretty aggressively. When the crossover occurred, price just sat there and held that $35.00 level. My read was that it was going to push higher so I took 25% of my position off the table a little early with that thought. A few minutes went by and I just kept thinking I misjudged this trade and I no longer liked the risk I had on the trade vs. the reward I was after (now thinking we were only going to make it down to around $33.00. I decided I wasn't going to stay in if it looked like it was going above VWAP and it made a volatile move (doesn't look like it now) like it was going to blast through VWAP. I cover the last 75% of my position and within 5 seconds, it started rolling over to make new lows on the day. Pretty annoying since I took a loss yesterday but the more I think about it, the trade I was in wasn't the trade my thesis was based on. The right thing to do was take it off because I didn't like my risk to reward setup. The fact that I could have made more money isn't really relevant. My thesis was wrong and I made a little money anyway. I'll live with that.

03.26.20 $SPY & $TLRY

Incredibly frustrating day... My first trade was shorting the $SPY and while my thesis was dead on, my stop was $0.10 off the mark to keep me in the trade. Reviewing this trade is beyond annoying to me. I was looking for that $259 area to hold as resistance and it looked like the market was getting weak at that level. I got short when the $SPY failed to hold a new high of day, after struggling to get there in the first place. I got my first take profit off and covered 25% of my position. It then started grinding against me and put in another high of day right on the front side of lunch and immediately rolled over. VWAP was my final target and I had to sit hear watching it make its way there not only without me but after stopping me out. Mad is an understatement regarding my mood.

My second trade was $TLRY coming out of lunch. It had a nice increase in volume pushing through VWAP and I was looking for VWAP to hold support and get a move back to the high of day. To compound my loss on the morning session, this ticker didn't even roll over. It just bobbled around VWAP the rest of the day and eventually stopped me out. Pretty frustrating but I feel like I would have been less frustrated had my trade in the $SPY worked out.

03.25.20 $SBUX & $FB

Not the greatest trade in the history of trading, my $SBUX short today. It was actually a bad trade and I shouldn't have taken it. Not because it was a losing trade but because the setup was weak. Maybe I could have taken it but with a tier 1 position size (25% of my desired size). I was watching it grind against VWAP and thought it would roll over and get back down to the low of day. That didn't happen and I got stopped out on it. In hindsight, I either shouldn't have been in the trade at all or been in with smaller size.

My short in $FB was money! It felt good not just to come back from the bad/failed trade in $SBUX but to knock one out of the park after taking a loss on the day. I took two shots at this short. The first was when it failed to put in a new high of day. I got short, got my first piece off, but came up a penny shy from peeling my second piece off. I noticed while I was in the trade that I was in this position too small. I was sitting here debating what to do and in all honesty, I'm not sure why but I closed the position. Not even a minute later I thought, 'why did I do that?' So, I resized myself and went back after it; I threw an order out at $161.00, got filled, and took profits off all-the-way-down! I did goof and made the mistake of taking 33% off on my first take profit instead of 25%. Because of that mistake I took another 33% off the table on my second take profit instead of 50%. By the time we got down to my final take profit I thought, 'this thing is touching VWAP, I'm sure of it.' Low and behold, it did. I didn't expect it to run below VWAP but some negative stimulus news came out and it fell right through. My last piece came off right in front of VWAP. Killer trade and pushed me to profitable on the day!

03.24.20 $FB

This was a tough trade today. We gapped up this morning and held the 2018 low on the $SPY. I was waiting and waiting and waiting for a trade to develop somewhere and saw $FB pulling into the initial morning high and VWAP. My idea was to get in if it held VWAP and ride it back up and through the high of day taking my profits at 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1. I got long as planned and got my first piece off but soon after put in a nasty red candle that ate up the previous candle and a half. Right then the $SPY broke below VWAP and I thought for sure it was signalling a push back to the low of day so I close my position at my entry. Eventually, the trade worked itself out but I wasn't in it any longer and wouldn't have stopped out until I had 2 pieces off the table. Regardless, I left some on the table in this trade but I feel like I was half right; the trade didn't push to new highs on the day until after lunch and I would have stopped out after taking my second piece. Tough leaving money on the table but my number one job is to protect my downside to the best of my ability, and I think I did that well. A little profit on the day and we live to fight another day.

03.23.20 $ADMA & Missed My Shot Shorting $SPY

I'm pretty frustrated with myself today... I've been having issues sleeping the last couple weeks and in turn been struggling to get out of bed. This morning I woke up late again but was laying in bed while the market opened. I don't trade the opening drive anyway and I wasn't sitting on any emails from the job I'm working so I laid in bed to wake up for a bit. I watched the $SPY open up and put in a low just short of the target I was expecting on the day. The Fed made a stimulus announcement that reversed that selloff and it pushed higher. When it got back to the price from open it failed to go red to green and was an obvious short. I got out of bed and ran to my station but by the time I was logged in I was too and it was already back at VWAP. There was still good risk/reward on the trade but my entry should have been up at $227.00 to $227.50, not down at ~$225.00. I needed in closer to the failed red to green break so I could get a piece off before VWAP. Really irritated with myself for laying in bed and not being at my desk.

My actual trade on the day was in $ADMA. It rejected the 50-SMA and I got short looking for a breakdown back down to around $2.80. As soon as I got it popped up on me and the price action was all over the place, clearing 15 cent ranges on 3-minute candles. It made me more uncomfortable the longer I held it and I realized if I stopped out I'd probably get railed on and take a bigger loss that intended. I tried getting it down to my first target at least but just felt too uncomfortable so I took it off. I closed it for a winning day and trade and feel like it was a good trade but it was too volatile for me to be comfortable trading. 

03.20.20 $ROKU

I finally got a trade off on a Friday and it was a good trade that made some money! I liked that $ROKU failed the break to make a new high on the day and when it got below VWAP I waited for it to re-test VWAP and when it too failed, I got short. I started with my stop at the pivot over VWAP and have been debating all day whether that was the correct stop or if it should have been just over VWAP, meaning I could have had bigger size. I have also been debating my final take profit. I think I should have closed my position a dollar sooner than I did. Still a profitable trade but I think I could have possibly managed it a little better.

03.19.20 $SPY & $MCD

Much, much better trading today. Since I couldn't get any follow through yesterday and heard other people comment the same thing about their trades (no follow through) I decided I'd take a bigger piece off the table on my first take profit, just in case today was the same. The market is starting to chop around 2018 lows and looks like it's forming a base. Anyhow, I feel like I executed both of my trades today very well.

This is the first time I've traded shares of the $SPY. I have traded options against it in the past but I never seem to do well. I always have it on watch in the corner so I can see what the broader market is doing during the day and today I thought, why not trade the shares? Anyhow, it sold off a little in the morning then started driving and went red to green. On the pull back into the morning high (and opening price) I was looking for support at the tradeline. The tradeline was holding so I hopped in, got my first piece off but was stopped out when the tradeline failed to hold support. Because I ditched 33% of my position in front of the high of day I walked away from this trade with a small profit. VWAP ended up holding support and it moved higher but that wasn't the trade I was in.

This was a tough trade. Same as the $SPY trade, this sold off in the opening drive then pushed red to green. I was looking for the $141/$142 area to hold support from yesterday's high. When it came through that level and recovered I got long with my stop down at $140.00. Not too long after I entered the trade it started breaking down and I could feel my blood starting to boil. I was within a few cents of getting stopped on this one but I held firm and kept the position alive. I got my first two take profits off right where I wanted to then noticed the daily range and time of day. By the time it put in a new high it was already at something like $23 on the day and we were heading into lunch.That $149.48 level was the pivot high from a couple days back too and I started losing confidence it could break that line and started looking to reverse my position and fade it through lunch. I closed my position and waited for a confirmation breakdown but when that happened 15 minutes later or so I didn't like the risk/reward on the fade and held off from entering.

03.18.20 $VXRT, $APRN, $TVIX, & $AMD

I over-traded, same as I did two weeks ago on Wednesday. Coincidence? Probably.. I didn't dig a hole like I did a couple weeks ago but I'm still taking and L on the day. I'm not sure what it is but when I'm waiting and waiting and waiting and finally take a trade, only to watch it fail, it really gets my goat and can put me on tilt pretty easily depending on the day. I think tilt might hit me when the loss is immediate. If I'm in the trade for a while and get skunked it doesn't seem to bother me as much but when I enter and immediately get raked, it's tilt time. Something I need to focus on. 

My first trade was $VXRT. I really liked that it didn't roll over completely after putting in the morning high and worked it's way up to VWAP. When it crossed VWAP it did so with increased volume and I was expecting it to hold. I was in the trade maybe 10 minutes and didn't like how it was consolidating right on top of VWAP. It should have moved away and back to the high of day sooner. That's what I was thinking while in the position. I kept debating whether or not I should dump it but kept coming back around to just letting it work itself out.

This is the trade I think put me on tilt. After taking the loss in $VXRT, then getting smoked on this trade so quickly, it riled me up and got my blood boiling. I entered too soon though now that I'm reviewing the trade. I was looking for $15.45 to hold support and entered at $15.90 almost immediately after that level was broken and recovered. I should have given this another couple minutes to work, although the results would have been the same and I would have still taken the L on the trade.

This trade was dumb and something I hope to god I'd never do when I start trading size. The $SPY was failing VWAP and I took the shot at the wild volatility the $TVIX was giving up for a quick scalp. It worked and was a winning trade but I would file the trade in the trash can and not in the "good trade" file. I shouldn't have taken it but was looking to recover what I lost on $APRN and $VXRT. I should have shut it down for the day after this trade..

These 2 trades in $AMD should never have happened. I should have been shut down already but was still on tilt and still looking to put a couple bucks back in the coffer after my morning loss. The first trade I took here was chasing in the truest sense of the word and meaning. There was no valid reason to take this trade; no setup, no nothing. It was going higher and I jumped on it and lost. I earned this one. The second trade was just as stupid as the first. It wasn't a chase but the setup was unbelievably weak. It failed to continue higher from the move I got stopped out on in the first trade so I flipped and took it short. I also came in with more size than I should have, revenge trading basically. I knew I was being stupid and started unloading the position as it moved lower. I should have closed the entire trade and got flat but held 40% until it stopped me out. 

My first trade was a good setup and a good trade that just didn't work. Everything after that was trying to make something out of nothing. Time will tell if I learned any lessons. The loss I took a couple weeks ago would point to today and slap itself in the face. Quit being an idiot, Matt. 

03.17.20 $MCD

I just couldn't have botched my $MCD trade any worse today. I mean, I guess I cou
ld have but it was pretty bad. I've been thinking I need to start a long term portfolio and what stocks to I want to grab to get it started. $MCD is on my short list and that $135 area is the perfect opportunity to get long, long term. I missed the trade there and by the time I thought to put it on screen it was surging away from $135. I don't have a long term portfolio setup yet and thought I'd just use my trading account to hold it long term so I jumped in and re-thought my strategy. I need to have separate accounts for long term vs. short term, so I closed my position. I'll re-initiate the position tomorrow more than likely as long term in an IRA portfolio.

Leading into lunch price moved up to the morning high but couldn't break it. When the break failed I got short anticipating a fade back to VWAP. I had minimal risk and this should have been a really nice trade but I completely botched it. I miscalculated my position size and got in way too heavy (double what I wanted). I held for the first push and quickly closed 50% of the position. When I went to take my second take profit I sold shares instead of buying (to close more of my position) and added to my position. Not what I intended. I got to a point where I could burn the extra shares off with profit and ditched the bulk of my position. Throughout the entire trade I was thinking that I needed to ditch the entire trade since it was a total botch job but I rode it out for the next breakdown then ditched it. Horrendous job executing this trade...

I took one last trade on $MCD when it double-tapped the $143 area, once during lunch and once after. I was slow to get my order in and got filled a little higher than I wanted so I ditched 50% of my position rather than 25% on my first take profit. The pullback broke down a little further than I thought it would so I dumped the position. It was too closed to the end of the day to finish with a losing trade. It was profitable and there was only 7 or 8 minutes left to the bell when I sold. A profitable day but horrible trading on my part. That second trade should have been a home run...

03.16.20 $OPGN

I overslept this morning and missed the first hour of trading so I sat the entire morning and lunch session out. I had $OPGN on watch all day and was looking to see if it could hold VWAP throughout lunch. It started to break down under VWAP but recovered in the afternoon session on increased volume. I was trying to get filled at $4.20, which would have been great, but it took me too long to get my order together. I ended up scrapping my limit order and took a market order in and got filled at $4.42; not a great fill but not horrible considering my stop was $4.03, $0.39 below. My first target was in front of the morning pivot at $4.85 and my second target was just in front of the high of day, over $5.00 but below $5.55. My third target was near $6.00. I got my first piece off at $4.82, perfectly, but volume faded and it couldn't get through that $4.85 level. It tried a second time and failed so I moved my stop up to $4.15 (and got filled on the way out at $4.14). A small, losing trade but a good trade none the less.

03.13.20 $TVIX

Very small win today on a scalp. The market gapped up this morning but started fading down toward yesterday's lows. There was nothing I liked in the morning session. Nothing notable during lunch and Trump was supposed to speak about coronavirus at 3:00 PM EST, right in the middle of the afternoon session. There was a point when both the $SPY and $TVIX were right on top of VWAP and I thought if VWAP broke on the $SPY, we'd get a nice little pop on $TVIX. As soon as $SPY broke VWAP and hammered in a small scalp as planned. Not the greatest trade but there was a setup, a plan, and my risk was easily defined so I had no issues going after it.

I am getting overly curious where I'm at in my P&L. I know I took a whopper of a loss last Wednesday from over trading and refusing to close the day red (did anyway). Other than that single day I've been rock solid since the beginning of February but I'm dying to know what my trendline looks like for this month and overall. I started the month with a commitment to not look at my P&L at all this month and just trade. It's a bit unsettling not knowing where I am exactly but it's more freeing than I thought it would be. I've had a couple losing days. I know I had that whopper last week. I know ending the day last Wednesday I was thinking, "it's gonna take a couple days to dig out of this one.." Other than that, I've been closing my days green (I think). Couple more weeks to go so we'll see.

02.12.20 $AMD

Super boring day for the most part. The market dropped past one key level and into the teeth on the next then just sat, consolidating most of the day. During the lunch session an announcement was made that the fed is going to inject $500 billion into the economy tomorrow and another $500 billion in three months, and on that news every major name started surging. I quickly looked for a name that could give me range but was also trailing behind the $SPY, so I could get in somewhat comfortably.

I entered $AMD just below VWAP, looking for the push back up to the high of day that the $SPY made. I got my first two pieces off successfully but I'm not sure where I went wrong with my last piece. I would have stopped out on it regardless but my stop was set at $41.25 and it took me flat $0.15 below that. Pretty annoying but I either didn't have my stop where I thought I did or there weren't any buyers at that price, which would be unusual but possible. A little annoying to take a loss on the third piece of my position when all three pieces should have been profitable. I'm also not sure why my first and second take profits averaged in my screenshot. My first piece (25% of my position) came off at $41.83 and my second piece (50% of my position) came off at $42.23. None the less, really nice trade.

03.09.20 Missed My Shot

I'm pretty irritated with myself today. Again, the market is all over the place. It actually dropped so low and so fast the market as a whole hit a circuit breaker and was closed for 15 minutes. The S&P 500 was playing defense against the $2730 level all day and didn't look good at the bell. Saudi Arabia is in dispute with Russia over oil prices and that with the Coronavirus scare, made for a messy day. I sat on my hands all day looking for an opportunity and failed to take two that came my way on $AIM.

$AIM was consolidating over VWAP and I was looking for a move back to the high of day. I had an entry planned for $3.60 and didn't take it. It push through the high of day and in a brief moment of consolidation up at $4.50 I hesitated and didn't take it again. The opportunities are small and I need to be more sure of what I'm seeing. I'm being good about being patient but some days I'm not sure if my patience is good or bad. Frustrating when I miss opportunities like these though. On the positive side of things, I didn't lose money but if I'm not trading I'll never gain anything.

03.11.20 $TVIX

I took three trades today and although I don't feel like I traded them very well, I am proud of myself for taking the trades and managing them the best I could. I don't trade volatility very well and need practice managing positions like these. I left a ton on the table but the $SPY was chopping so aggressively, it was hard to hang onto these trades for very long before I felt too uncomfortable with the. My first trade I used a market order to get in and didn't like my fill price, so I came out of that one pretty quickly. My second trade I used a limit order with a stop under the low of day and got an incredible fill at $248.00, less than $2.00 above the low. I could have scaled out better than I did and only caught a tiny piece of the entire move but it was good practice. The $SPY looked like it put in a reversal, which is why I took my last piece out where I did. My third trade was, meh. I again took a market order in, got a less than desirable fill, and honestly just sat on my position until I could get out if it even or better. The $SPY was being very indecisive and I just wanted out of the trade. All-in-all, a decent day with okay profit. Not a home run but a nice little base hit.

03.10.20 $MSFT

I need to pull my head out... Friday I didn't fire off any trades but genuinely didn't see anything worth trading. Yesterday I saw some nice setups in $AIM but didn't take those trades. The first setup was leading into lunch; the second was during lunch; and the third setup, also in the middle of lunch, I didn't like the aggressive pullback into support. Now into today, I'm sitting gun-shy and not pulling the trigger when I should be and letting that effect me to the point I jumped into a trade on $MSFT that wasn't a great setup or a setup I like trading. My frustration with not trading caused me to take trades I shouldn't have. I need to just take the trades I should take in the first place. $CLX was a no brain setup with hardly any risk and 5x reward. $MSFT I should have been in down at VWAP. I'm incredibly frustrated with myself.

Anyhow, frustration aside, I entered my first trade on $MSFT on the pullback into previous support and got stopped out. When I saw the trade was still valid and I merely got sniped out of the position, I reentered but I could have done better on my take profits. Not very happy with the day. Tomorrow and the rest of the week, if I see something and it falls within my rules, I'm taking the trades, period.

03.06.20 No Trade Friday, Again!

The market keeps making highly volatile moves and today I couldn't find anything I wanted to trade. Nothing was really giving me a setup where I could comfortably get into a move, to the upside or downside. It's especially frustrating because I took losses the last couple days and I really wanted a chance for a rebate. There's no way to force an opportunity (like I tried doing Wednesday, and lost) so I sat on my hands all day.

03.05.20 $VIPS: Got Me Again!

I couldn't find anything to trade today. There were a could shorts I liked but they started during lunch and I don't like taking trades during lunch because the likelihood of follow through is low, like yesterday with $UBER. Near the end of the afternoon session I saw $VIPS start to breakdown, at least that's what I thought I saw. It gapped up this morning and made a nice opening drive but then faded back down near the low of day, then just moved sideways all day. In the middle of lunch it started driving higher in little choppy moves. At $16.50 it finally gave me a signal and put in a nice red candle on increased volume. That's where I started my short, at $16.34 with my stop just over the high of day at $15.52, thinking we're in the backside of the move. My first take profit was schedule to come off at $16.14. It got close a couple times but i was holding through the mud for most of this trade waiting for it to roll over. I finally got my first piece off the table as planed and closed 25$ of my position. Instead of continuing to roll over as I was expecting, it returned to the high of day again and out of nowhere, massive orders came through and blew out my stop past $15.52, all the way up at $15.64, 12 cents past where I'd planned to stop. Rather than taking a small loss by selling 25% of my position, I ended the day with a full size loss anyhow. The biggest 3-minute move all stinkin day and it was against me.. Pretty frustrating, especially after yesterday. 

03.04.20 $AMD, $UBER, & $LYFT: Stupid Day

I'm pretty disgusted with my trading today. I was tied up during the morning session and couldn't trade but I was logged into my trading platform anyway. I learned a lesson today that if I'm not trading, there's no reason to be logged in. I'd been watching $UBER form an ascending pennant, destined to break out over it's flat topped highs of the last few days. I got busy and wasn't looking at my charts for a couple hours and when I put them back on screen I saw $UBER not only came into my buy zone, it broke out and made the move I was anticipating. Missed moves put me on edge and I should have shut down right then. Instead, I started taking trades right in the middle of lunch, knowing they're less likely to work.

I got long $UBER in front of a pivot high and when it didn't hold, I added to my position over yesterday's high. That failed as well so I stopped out. I then got long over the initial morning high and that trade failed and I stopped out. At the end of the day I tried it again looking for a move back to the high of day but there was just no volume to support the move. It'll gap up for open tomorrow though, I'm sure of that...

After getting crushed on my first two trades on $UBER I watched $AMD reject the 50-day moving average, so I got short lookinng for a move back to VWAP. It immediately turned on me and started moving higher. I did get a teeny tiny scalp out of it at thee end of the day while I was losing more money in my last $UBER trade, so there's that...

I didn't let ride sharing stocks take enough from me today so I also traded $LYFT. When it put in a new high of day on really nice volume, I got long looking for a move back to the high of day. Nope. This one failed me too.. 

Looking back at my trades they weren't really horrible setups but I definitely over traded. When my first trade in $UBER didn't get follow through, then my second, and my third, there was no sign anything was going to give me the follow through I was expecting. I was also attempting to trade large cap names in a wild environment. Part of my issue today was that I'm on a hot streak and didn't want to take the L. I had one coming to me and I could have taken a small one. Today isn't a small red day though. I gave up two or three days profit today by not being willing to accept a loss. Guess what? You took the L anyway, idiot... 

03.03.20 Way Too Much Trading!

While I came away from the day unscathed and profitable, I'm not happy with how I got there. It goes to show that more trading doesn't equate to more money all the time. Today I would have been better off stopping after my first trade, so that's something to think about. The more I think about today the more irritated I get with myself. I'm not trading large size right now so if I go nuts like I did today, there's only so much hard I'll do to my account. With larger size, too, there's no way I'll feel comfortable taking the scalps I took today. I need to tighten it up and not be so loose. I get mad at myself for hesitating but maybe my hesitation is a good thing. Glad I skated through the day unharmed but disappointed how I went about it.

My first trade was in $RAD and went well. It was a good setup on the daily chart, I liked what I saw intraday, and took my shot. If I could change anything about it, I should have entered sooner. The outcome would have been very similar so it's not the end of the world but I took too long to make up my mind. I ended up taking my final piece out when we couldn't get over that $17.35 area from a couple weeks back and turned around.

My second trade put me on tilt. I entered $MITO long with a really nice setup; pull back into the previous high of day, a high volume break through that high, and the tradeline sitting there. When the trade failed it blew past my stop and I took a bigger hit than intended. That got me going and I started looking for a way to win back what I just lost (definitely should not be doing that). The thing I should have done was take a walk and get back to looking for another good setup, not looking for "ways to win."

I took two trades on $TVIX, the first being a scalp and if I'm being honest with myself, I got really lucky in this trade. The scalp worked but I was in way, way bigger size than I intended.. This is the exact reason taking trades when you're mad isn't a good idea. I screwed up and could have given back a week's worth of profit or more..

My second trade on $TVIX was at the end of the day. I liked where I entered but the $SPY was getting screwy on me. I got really uncomfortable in the trade because of what the $SPY was doing so I closed it out and took the loss. 

$UBER had a nice setup but was a sympathy play from positive Coronavirus news $LYFT released. Even though the setup was decent I think I FOMO'd my way into this trade. I came in over VWAP looking for it to return to the high of day but I did so after a nasty down candle. Hindsight is 20/20 but I need to pay closer attention and when I've already gone on tilt once during the day, it's probably time to just shut it down and walk away. Come back in the next day fresh.

This trade bums me out.. It was an awesome setup but so close to the end of the day it was getting a little whacky on me. Last I looked $INO was trading at $9.00, which was the move I was looking for but I don't trade before or after the bell. That meant I had to work my way out of the position before close. I also can't stand trading the last 10 minutes of the day so the deck was stacked against me on this one but I made it out and it should be in play again tomorrow (more than likely to the short side). 

Tomorrow I need to really dial in my self control. Act when action is required and don't act when it's not.

03.02.20 $AMRN Both Ways

I took two trades on $AMRN today and I'm not unhappy with how I traded but I made a mistake taking my second piece of profit in my first trade and rather than closing 50% I closed my balance. I thought about adding back to get the last piece but decided against it and started thinking about my next trade. My first trade was a lunch time fade back into VWAP, which ended up working but I had to hold through some mud, which makes my mistake taking profit a little irritating. My second trade was a VWAP bounce scalp and I used a market order to get into the trade. I got a pretty bad fill from where I wanted to get in which made me question the position. I was looking to get close to the last pivot high but because of my bad fill, I didn't like my risk reward on the trade and closed the position; profitable trade but not really great execution on my part. I should have used a limit order to get in right on VWAP.