06.10.20 $AVCT, $CLDX, $FCEL, $GNUS, $JFIN, $SPY, & $MOXC

At this point I'm definitely over-trading and today was a complete train wreck. I was down heavy on the day and then I did something incredibly risky and stupid by scalping massive size to bring the day back to a manageable loss from a dreadful loss. The follow-through just wasn't there today and I kept running after trades as though it was. I also miscalculated my position size a couple times and was in way too heavy at least two different times. Thankful I didn't size up at the beginning of the month as I planned because today would have been that much worse. I need to slow it down tomorrow and not go after every trade. I need to keep focus on one or two names and let the chips fall where they may. Seems that every couple-few weeks I have a day like today and I need to cut this crap out. When I get up to full size there's no way I'll be able to handle losses like I did today or have the stomach to recover them with scalps.

My first trade of the day was in Genius Brands. It recovered VWAP from the low of the day on increased volume so I thought we'd get some good movement out of this thing. I entered a little high with a small position, in case it ripped without me, and when it pulled in a little I shored up my position with an add. I mismanaged this trade though because I was focusing on other stocks instead of this one so my profits came off out of place. Profitable trade but I could have managed it better by maintaining focus.

Next up was a failed attempt to long Amer Virtual Cloud Tech. It pulled into the previous high just over $5 and looked like it was going to keep running.. I got long but it dudded out on me.

This was another failed attempt at grabbing a pullback into the previous high. I think I got long a little prematurely with this one. I think I still would have been in the trade had I waited a couple more minutes to feel it out.

There's nothing pretty about my trades on this one. I initially got long expecting the tradeline to hold support and stopped out when it broke through. I didn't expect it to rip as high as it did and in reality should never have taken the initial position. The risk/reward just wasn't there for the move I was expecting. The fact that it ripped clear up to $5.60 was nowhere in my plan for the first trade. My subsequent trades in the afternoon sessions were an outright mess. I miscalculate my position size and was in way too heavy. Instead of reducing my size I kept it on thinking, ' if this trade works out, my losses are covered." Then I held past my stop to give it even more room. I finally stopped out and got long again and did the same thing. The blank trade bubbles are me being a complete degenerate and scalping massive size for pennies. I didn't fill in the prices because it's easy to tell there's not real movement in the price of the stock where I was acting like a moron. It ended up working and brought my loss on the day back to a small loss but still, the ends doing this don't justify the means.

This was another botched entry with too much size. I initially got short looking for a move to and through the low of day. After I got short I realized I took on a little too much size and corrected that with a take profit. Then I got whacked on and stopped out. Pretty irritating to add to the losses on the day.

This stock halted up around $29.00, pressed down on the open, and immediately recovered. When it started hugging the high of day I thought for sure it was going to press through and rip to a new high; that was the trade idea anyway. My idea didn't work and I stopped out for a small loss. Right after I stopped out it halted to the down side right over $20.00 and when it opened, it opened to the up side. Since this showed a sign of massive strength I got long with my stop just below the halt level. Throughout lunch it developed a pendant and when that pendant broke I added to my position, looking for the short squeeze, and moved my stop up to the inside of the pendant. As with the rest of the my day, I got railed on. It fell right through my stop and took me out clear down at $21.15. I think the setup was solid - this was just one of those things and one of those days.

This was a small winning trade and a trade I shouldn't have taken. I took so many trades and lost today that there was no reason to keep playing the game. I even tweeted that this setup would probably fail just like all the other trades in the day. None the less, when it broke the pendant it formed I hopped in long for a couple minutes and then bailed on it, not expecting it to break the high of day. It did but it struggled up there.