06.09.20 $DGLY, $IMRN, $IZEA, $LOVE, & $NKLA

A green day but nothing to write home about - two wins and three losers.

What a fat thumbed botched trade this was. I got long in front of the initial morning high looking for the tradeline - VWAP cross and push up and through $2.73. I wasn't sure where I should place my stop when I entered so I took a light position. When my stop showed it's face and I felt comfortable with the trade, I went to add to my position and closed it by mistake. It wasn't until I went to take my first profit in front of the high that I realized my position was flat. Majorly disappointing.

Lovesac Company provided me with nothing but disappointment on this trade. I got long in front of support at $27.24 and the tradeline, looking for a move back up and through the high of day but the setup failed and I took a hit. 

My next trade went much better. I had Immuron Limited on watch all morning and should have started my position in front of $6.50 when that level was tested. I had it marked but didn't trust is (for some reason). I should have grabbed a tier one position then added through VWAP. None the less, I caught it on top of VWAP right before it pushed to a new high of day and peeled pieces off right where I wanted to all the way into my final target at $16.70. I hit a market order on my last piece and got a crap fill on the order though. Good reminder to limit out unless I'm stopping out. Who knew I was leaving so much on the table with this one. During lunch it came down and tested the morning high but I didn't hit it again because it was right in the middle of lunch and after last week's failed short on United Airlines, I drew the line on initiating positions during lunch so I held to that rule. 

This trade in Nikola Corporation, I actually hit on reversal play before $IMRN but it I didn't start taking profits until the $IMRN trade was over. I was looking for a move back up to the high of day. When I went to take my first piece off the table I accidentally added so I immediately closed the add and took my first profit. When it pushed higher but support failed at $83.66 I tapped out and closed the position. Really happy with how I managed this trade overall. 

This was a botched trade from the word go. A massive hit of volume went off at 11:00 and cleared the board, pushing price up and through VWAP on the heaviest volume of the day. More than likely this was an institution getting long and not a momentum play. I misread the situation and got long for a momentum push back to the high of day but my read was incorrect. 

The idea on this trade was obviously to get back up and through the high of day but it was all thumbs. There was no reason to enter this trade where I did. All around, this was just a bad trade idea and bad trade.