06.08.20 ENOB, $KNLA, & $WLL

Not my best day but also not a bad day at all. I'm actually pretty stoked about the day I put together. My first trade was a loss but I feel like I entered where I should have and managed my loss well. It also didn't hold me back from moving onto the next trade. More or less, it was an emotionless loss, which is nice.

Enochain Biosciences was  my first trade of the day and I liked that it gapped up and faded nicely into long term support at $9.50. I got long looking for that level to hold and when it didn't, I shut it down right away and moved my attention elsewhere.

My second trade of the day was in Whiting Petroleum and although it was a winning trade, I could have managed it better. I entered on a pull back into the initial morning high, got my first piece off in front of the high of day, then my second right on top of long term (minor) resistance at $2.39. Where I went wrong is that I moved my stop. We've been seeing quite a bit of follow through lately and typically I move my stop over my entry after my second take profit. With the market providing follow through, there's no real need to do that. I Should have left my stop alone and held to my last target, which would have made this an incredible trade.

I'm actually really proud of myself on this trade. I typically don't do well with high volatility but I got into this thing perfectly and my execution was on point. It was also a really nice win on the day.