04.15.20 $OXY & $BA

A little frustrated with the day but I didn't take a loss, so all is well I guess.

My first trade on the day was in $OXY. It gapped down huge from yesterday's close and I was watching it flag. Near the end of the flag I saw the $SPY pushing to a new low on the day so I got short expecting the market to drag $OXY down with it. Where I was supposed to take my first take profit I accidentally closed my entire position. I made a new rule that if I make a mistake while trading I need to shut it down for the session, so rather than re-entering I accepted my mistake and sat idle until the afternoon session. I would have hit my second target at $13.00 but wouldn't have hit my third. None the less, the trade was profitable and my idea played out, mostly.

My second trade on the day was late in the afternoon session in Boeing. It went red to green on really nice volume and I tried getting in on the first pullback after that move but took a little to long and missed my shot. I kept watching it, mostly on the 15-minute chart, and thought if it pulled back into the 38.2 fib level from the low of the day, held, and volume picked up, I'd get long to ride it up and through the high of the day. It did what I was expecting so I got long but 15 or so minutes into the trade it just wasn't pushing like I thought it would so I closed the position. Maybe if this setup occurred earlier in the day it would have worked but I think it was just too close to the bell.