04.16.20 $BA & $CODX

Really a nothing of a day. I tried getting short Boeing but stopped out, then couldn't find a safe spot to get short again. All my targets were hit, which is pretty annoying. I think if I opened my stop up and sized down then maybe I couldn't have got into the trade but at that point the risk to reward wouldn't have been there. I took a second shot after I stopped out but didn't really like my entry and wasn't willing to carry the risk it would take to stay in the trade so I closed it out. Small loss on the first trade; even smaller win on the second.

I tried shorting the $SPY from VWAP, expecting VWAP to hold then push down to the $272 area but no dice. VWAP didn't hold and I got stopped out. 

My last trade of the day was in $CODX. I've tried trading this before and have had some luck in both directions (good luck and bad luck). I'm pretty hesitant about trading small caps even though I know they can be huge winners. I just don't seem to have the greatest luck with them. Anyhow, I liked my entry but I was expecting the volume that hit on the candle where I got in to increase on the next candle. It didn't so I hopped out of the position. I was already in loss territory and there was no need to increase my loss at the end of the day if it went south on me. I got long a second time but realized I was being stupid so I flattened the position and called it a day.