04.13.20 $OXY & $SPY

There's no way around it - I got beat up today pretty good. I'm not sure if it's as bad as the other couple days I've been beat up the last couple months but today was a pretty good beating.

I grabbed $OXY short not expecting it to make it back over VWAP and sure enough, it popped right over, stopped me out, and fell right back below. Pretty stinking irritating. I tried it again and built a position throughout lunch but in the afternoon the $SPY reversed and started pushing so I hopped out for a small loss in the second trade. The first trade was a full size loss. Pretty shocked it couldn't make it back to the low of day.

Like a white teen chick at Dutch Bros, I just can't even with this series of trades. I tried getting short when VWAP couldn't hold and it bounced back on me to stop me out. Later in the day I grabbed it short again and missed my first take profit by a couple cents; 'course, then stopped out. I tried it yet again to the short side then read the turn, reversed my position, and was two take profits away from closing the day flat. I got my first piece out just fine right where I wanted. My second piece I wanted out at $276.50 and literally the second my order hit, it railed against me. I said screw it and closed my position. That take profit at $276.50 would have put me close to even and getting back to the high of day would have got me flat. Pretty frustrating to get beat up like I did today. I guess it could have been and would have been worse had I not taken this last trade in the first place but still. Really frustrating day. We'll get it back!