04.09.20 $AAPL, $OXY & $WPX

Five trades: 3 losers, 1 legit winner, and 1 base hit to add to the P&L a little. Really frustrating morning but brought it home in the afternoon. Also a really exciting way to end the week!

This trade was a stone cold loser. I got long over VWAP expecting it to hold but had I paid closer attention to the volume on the push back over VWAP, I would have seen there was nothing to trade in this name. Not at this point anyway. 

I tried hitting $OXY to the short side expecting the gap up to fade but got stopped out twice trying to hit it. I keep reviewing the trade but it wouldn't matter where I'd have set my stop; when I entered the trade I was playing against a made hand. There was no way to defend against the random pop that happened around 7:20. I maybe could have slowed down my trading and not gone after the second attempt so soon after my original shot failed. Midway through lunch I caught it up at VWAP and crushed it to the short side. I'm disappointed though I didn't hold all the way to my final stop at $14.50. I didn't have overwhelming confidence it could get there but I should have given it the shot.

This trade was pretty cool! Apple was pressing up against resistance it couldn't manage to make it over for a couple hours and the $SPY was pushing to a new low of the day. I looked at it and just thought, there's no way it make it through that level right now! I grabbed it short and stuck this trade exactly how I intended.