04.08.20 $AAPL, $OXY, & $ROKU

I got chopped around today again and took a small loss on the day. On one hand I'm glad I kept the loss small. On the other hand, I traded too much and was too indecisive. My trade on $OXY was painful how much I got chopped around.

This trade was a pretty good idea. Not the greatest but it was okay. I noticed Apple was moving back to the high of day in a very defined channel. I hopped in to ride that channel back to the high of day. Small move but good trade with limited risk.

Roku was pretty infuriating. I got long looking for the pull back into the initial morning high to hold, after it broke through on the heaviest volume of the day. Not long after I got into the position I realized I was in a little too heavy, so I closed 25% of the position to limit my risk. I got up to my first take profit and took 25% off. I then read the volume and price action as a reversal so I closed my position. Then I got mad at myself for thinking I saw something I probably didn't see and this is where I went wrong. I jumped back into the position (with smaller size) then when it pulled all the way back into VWAP, I added looking for VWAP to hold support. I of course got stopped out. Not a major loss but pretty irritating. Later in the day I was hovering my mouse over the depth of market and clicked by mistake and got short on accident. I immediately closed the position and broke even on the accidental trade. I need to remember to close the DOM if I'm not in a trade.

This trade really got me fired up. My idea was that we'd pull back into that $15.20 level of support and launch right into close due to shorts covering. Every time I got into the position I kept getting stopped out. I couldn't figure out where exactly my stop needed to be. By the time I got one of the trades to work I'd been chopped up pretty good and we were so close to the end of the day I ended up closing the position just under resistance at $15.58. After hours it shot up to $16.50... Incredibly frustrating. I think the thing I should have done was lighten my position size and widen my stop from the beginning. I could have put it clear down at $15 with a lightened position and still cleaned up on the trade.