04.03.20 $UBER

Pretty stoked on my trade today. I shorted $UBER from on top of VWAP down (almost) to the low of the day. I loved the double top on the morning and the nasty pullback into VWAP. When it hit VWAP I thought, we should bounce a little off VWAP and I'lll grab it short off of that bounce. When it bounced I was STOKED! My first two profit targets were hit with ease and it was such a nice feeling to be green in the trade for all but a couple minutes early in. I cleared my final take profit level at $22.22, then debated whether or not it was worth holding to target 4 or target 5 or wait for it to recover the tradeline then get flat. Had I waited for the tradeline to fail I would have finished this trade no differently than I did. In hindsight, I could have made it to my 4th target at $21.80 but was feeling good where I was in the trade and targets 4 and 5 were only on the table if we were making clear and identifiable moves to the downside. My read was that the move was more sluggish that clear so I took it off for a really nice win on the day. I left a little on the table but all and all, I'm really happy with how I managed this trade.

I've been thinking a lot about Wednesday as well. I'm glad I made myself sit down and review my trades before I went to bed Wednesday night. I feel like it really helped me regain focus to close the week strong.