04.06.20 $AAPL, $ROKU, $SPY, $TLRY

Repeat from last Monday. This morning I didn't get caught in the chop like last week. I just flat out couldn't tell what was going on to save my life. We gapped up to open and I was expecting to fade the gap. I didn't realize the gap actually closed this morning.

Edit: I just finished reviewing my trades and it's absolute garbage. If I was my employee, I'd fire me. It's beyond unacceptable that I fired off as many trades as I did, most of which I had absolutely no foundation or belief in. This is why I'm still trading small size - because I clearly can't handle scaling up yet. It'll be time to take more risk when I quit being stupid. Once again, the only reason I know whether or not today is green or red is because I looked at my P&L. That's no way to make a career of this craft.. Really disappointed with myself.

My first trade here was getting short under VWAP with the high of day as my stop. It started balking at VWAP but went through and up through the initial morning high. I then got long and I couldn't tell you why. There was no setup. There was no reason to be in the second trade. The third trade I took because it came back into VWAP and VWAP held. Looking at it now it was a decent entry. The trade was going fine and when I went to take my first take profit, I added by mistake. Then I corrected that mistake but felt uncomfortable where I was in my position after the add, so I closed it out. Then I felt like it triple topped so I got short, added and was all over the place. True amateur hour. My first trade was fine. I was just wrong. Everything after that was stupid.

Here I go again... Long from VWAP, decent entry, and could have held that position all the way to close and had a really nice trade. Instead I got long, closed it out, got short on a double top, got flat, got long, tried a scalp, got long and got stopped out, and wasted an entire day with nonsense. I don't even know how to review these trades because it's pure trash. 

This was actually a decent scalp opportunity and my fill was horrendous. the $SPY finally broke $263.33, a pivot/flat top high from last week and a major level of resistance. I hit the buy button at $264 and didn't get filled until $265. I tried again and pretty much the same thing happened but on my way out of the trade.

My first trade here was legitimate but it just didn't work. I was looking for the pullback into the high of day. It pulled in, I got long, missed my first take profit by a penny, I think, and got stopped out. I got long and closed 2 positions during lunch for who knows why. Stupid day.