04.02.20 $RCL

After yesterday I'm really happy with my trade today (just one!). My trade idea was clear, risk was clear, and targets were clear. This trade felt very controlled and I feel like I executed it very well. Very different feeling today than yesterday, when I was all over the place and changing my mind constantly.

Price rejected the $25.25 area twice before lunch but failed to get up and over VWAP during lunch. I thought about getting short up just under VWAP but we were in lunch and unless volume dictates and makes a move clear, I don't like entering lunch time trades, so I held off. Coming out of lunch price rejected $$25.62 twice in a short period of time. I took a pretty low entry but was confident in a move lower and was anticipating a complete roll over to push down to the $22.50 area. I entered with my stop just over $25.62 and got my first two pieces out perfectly. My third take profit was down around $22.50 but at $24.00 there were some big orders hitting the DOM so I started debating getting flat right there. We were so close to the bell and I didn't want to hold into after hours, even though I think we'll open lower tomorrow, so I ended up flattening the position when orders started getting eaten up at $24. Really happy with how I traded this. It helps confirm that a single good trade is better than 15 ok trades.