04.01.20 $AAPL, $BA, $INO, & $MSFT

I'm a maniac - knew I was trading a lot today but until I took my screen shots after the closing bell, I didn't realize how many trades I took. When the morning started I was expecting resistance levels to hold across the board and nothing held. Then I started thinking, ok, gap fill back up to yesterday's close - that wasn't it either. I think I need to come back to today to review at a later date so I can do so with a clear head. I'm honestly a little shocked by how many trades I took, especially in $BA. I'm baffled right now. Thank God for no trading fees...

Edit: It's 9:30 PST but the promise I made myself is that the day isn't over until I've written in my journal. I actually feel a little better now having written this out and though through my trades. I definitely made some errors with price direction and over-traded in that regard but there were a couple sweet trades in there. My major error was giving up on my ideas in $AAPL and $BA and changing sides. The trades I managed to the short side I feel like I managed well. Also, even though I over-traded and kept flipping sides I held to my stops and when I really felt like I was being stupid, i closed the position. Still not great but I'm glad that I at least held it together a tiny bit.

Garbage trade: I was expecting support to hold at $7.75 and looking for continuation back to and through the high of day. I failed to recognize that this was the third pullback since going red to green. The entry to trade $INO was the pullback into the tradeline over the initial morning high. Anything after that was a low tier entry. I should only be taking premium entries and should not have made this trade. The setup was weak at best.

I like that price was holding $152.66 and started moving away from that level. Again, not a great setup considering all the resistance from earlier in the day. I entered the trade but quickly realized this trade was sub-par and immediately exited as soon as that occurred to me. Another trade I shouldn't have taken.

I first got short with my stop at the high of day but entered way too late. I did take into consideration that the move I was anticipating was down to $240, so there was plenty of reward to my risk but still, should have entered sooner. I should have just left this alone and let the trade work itself out. Instead, I added when it tested VWAP and failed, then moved my stop down to the high over VWAP. Dumb move. I stopped out. I then got long thinking this was going to make a move back up and over the high of day. Again, dumb... My initial trade idea hadn't even failed yet.When we broke through VWAP to the downside I thought, screw it. I should have stuck with my initial trade idea and set my stop over the morning high. All I had to do was leave my first trade alone and it would have been a nice winner. Why I sold this off so soon? I opened my P&L and saw I took myself back to green an closed it out rather than finishing the trade and making more money.

I don't even know where to start with this one... I never trade the morning drive but today, for some reason, I entered my first trade like 4 minutes into the day. I was expecting $140.68 to hold as resistance and had my stop directly over that level. I stopped out. Then I figured we'd test the initial morning high, $140.68 area, and VWAP and fill the overnight gap. I realized that was dumb and closed the position for another loss - small loss but another loss none the less. 

Next I got short expecting VWAP to hold, looking for a move down to $128. VWAP broke on increasing volume so I stopped out. My stop should have been the high of day.

When we broke through VWAP again I looked at my reward vs. risk for the drop to $128, set my stop above the morning high, and got short. I feel like I scaled out of this trade well and should have left it there. 

I thought we might be making a lunch time move back up to VWAP from that $131 level so I got long, realized I was being a dope, and closed the position. 

Then, when price failed the $133 level a second time I re-entered short for the move down to $128. I started pealing pieces off and when the tradeline failed to hold it down, I closed it out and took my final profit.