03.11.20 $TVIX

I took three trades today and although I don't feel like I traded them very well, I am proud of myself for taking the trades and managing them the best I could. I don't trade volatility very well and need practice managing positions like these. I left a ton on the table but the $SPY was chopping so aggressively, it was hard to hang onto these trades for very long before I felt too uncomfortable with the. My first trade I used a market order to get in and didn't like my fill price, so I came out of that one pretty quickly. My second trade I used a limit order with a stop under the low of day and got an incredible fill at $248.00, less than $2.00 above the low. I could have scaled out better than I did and only caught a tiny piece of the entire move but it was good practice. The $SPY looked like it put in a reversal, which is why I took my last piece out where I did. My third trade was, meh. I again took a market order in, got a less than desirable fill, and honestly just sat on my position until I could get out if it even or better. The $SPY was being very indecisive and I just wanted out of the trade. All-in-all, a decent day with okay profit. Not a home run but a nice little base hit.