03.09.20 Missed My Shot

I'm pretty irritated with myself today. Again, the market is all over the place. It actually dropped so low and so fast the market as a whole hit a circuit breaker and was closed for 15 minutes. The S&P 500 was playing defense against the $2730 level all day and didn't look good at the bell. Saudi Arabia is in dispute with Russia over oil prices and that with the Coronavirus scare, made for a messy day. I sat on my hands all day looking for an opportunity and failed to take two that came my way on $AIM.

$AIM was consolidating over VWAP and I was looking for a move back to the high of day. I had an entry planned for $3.60 and didn't take it. It push through the high of day and in a brief moment of consolidation up at $4.50 I hesitated and didn't take it again. The opportunities are small and I need to be more sure of what I'm seeing. I'm being good about being patient but some days I'm not sure if my patience is good or bad. Frustrating when I miss opportunities like these though. On the positive side of things, I didn't lose money but if I'm not trading I'll never gain anything.