06.02.20 $PGEN & $UAL

Took a couple shots today on United Airlines and one really boring shot on Precigen, Inc.

My first shot at United, I got my first piece off but the breakdown failed and I stopped out on the majority of my position for a tiny loss. My second shot I thought for sure we'd get the breakdown from rejecting VWAP (we did not). My third attempt was after failing to push past the morning pivot at $29.98 (or whatever it was). I ended up closing out this trade under my entry because I finally realize, it's just going to trade sideways and didn't want to be holding the bag at the bell on the wrong side of it.


Precigen, Inc. was a swing and a boring miss. I gave myself a ridiculous amount of room in this trade to account for the volatility that always stops me out but the momentum just wasn't there. I didn't want to hold into after hours so I closed it out for a small loss with few seconds to the bell.