04.28.20 $SPY & $ROKU

Three wining trades, one losing trades, a nice P&L day, but still unhappy with my trading. I didn't get to trade the first couple hours of the day because I was busy with other work. Meanwhile I'm watching the $SPY put in really nice and predictable level. Finally, I got a quick break from work so I could put in a trade.

My first trade of the day was in $spy. I was way late to the move and we were incredibly extended from VWAP so I hopped in short for a small piece looking for a rejection around $287. I got that rejection and came out in full pretty quickly. My second trade in $SPY was after lunch while I was in a trade in $ROKU where I felt uncomfortable. Anyhow, I got short expecting VWAP and resistance to hold up at $289. As I'm in this trade my $ROKU short stopped out and I started getting really uncomfortable in this position. I re-entered $ROKU because my stop was too tight originally but at this point, I felt really uncomfortable in both my $SPY trade and $ROKU. The moves I was expecting in both names was a push from VWAP, back to the low of day. I came out of both from my discomfort and had I just held my positions, instead of a nice P&L day I'd be writing about a grand slam home run right now. A little upset and frustrated with myself.