04.27.20 $AAPL & $MRNA

Green on the day but I don't like how I got there or how I'm trading lately. My first trade was in Apple and I got long expecting the tradeline to hold support over yesterday's high but I was higher in price than I wanted to be when I entered so I started with a small position in case it blasted off. When it pulled in the rest of the way I added to the position. Then it failed on me. Rather than taking the L and walking away I got goofy. I laid in a short, that had I just held it would have worked perfectly. Instead I got short, got spooked, and took another loss. Then I got irritated with myself and started going back and forth between short and long, bouncing my P&L all over the place. I finally stopped and took a break. Later on I got short looking for a move back to the low of day. I got a pretty good entry on tight risk but the breakdown failed so I gave up and flattened the position.


My next trade was in $MRNA. I though I was reading a reversal so I got long at the low of day and got spooked and closed it, then throttled around for a couple more trades before throwing in the towel. I was doing this at the same time I was being an idiot in $AAPL.