04.23.20 $AAPL $OXY

I just can't shake a win lately!

My first trade was in Apple. I missed the trade I really wanted from $278 but was busy working, so I couldn't take it. I waited patiently for this thing to press up then pull all the way back into the initial morning high at $279 and got a great fill on my entry. We were slowly moving up and I figured I'd get my first piece off during lunch at $280.45 and we just barely missed it. Then the WHO leaked information about a trial Gilead is working on and the entire market started selling off, so I had to stop out of my position. Come to find out, the leak was based on bad information (go figure) but we pressed lower anyway.

Occidental got me again! I loved that this thing just rejected VWAP twice near the end of lunch so I got short right under VWAP. I got my first piece off at the dead low of the move but it turned on me. I was still confident in my trade and volume wasn't surging in as it was going against me so when it came back into VWAP I doubled my position short and tightened my stop. If the new idea worked, it'd be a great win. If not, I'd only be a little less than my initial risk. The idea didn't work and I stopped out. An irritating way to end the day, especially after the Apple trade. Ending the day with an L.