03.26.20 $SPY & $TLRY

Incredibly frustrating day... My first trade was shorting the $SPY and while my thesis was dead on, my stop was $0.10 off the mark to keep me in the trade. Reviewing this trade is beyond annoying to me. I was looking for that $259 area to hold as resistance and it looked like the market was getting weak at that level. I got short when the $SPY failed to hold a new high of day, after struggling to get there in the first place. I got my first take profit off and covered 25% of my position. It then started grinding against me and put in another high of day right on the front side of lunch and immediately rolled over. VWAP was my final target and I had to sit hear watching it make its way there not only without me but after stopping me out. Mad is an understatement regarding my mood.

My second trade was $TLRY coming out of lunch. It had a nice increase in volume pushing through VWAP and I was looking for VWAP to hold support and get a move back to the high of day. To compound my loss on the morning session, this ticker didn't even roll over. It just bobbled around VWAP the rest of the day and eventually stopped me out. Pretty frustrating but I feel like I would have been less frustrated had my trade in the $SPY worked out.