03.23.20 $ADMA & Missed My Shot Shorting $SPY

I'm pretty frustrated with myself today... I've been having issues sleeping the last couple weeks and in turn been struggling to get out of bed. This morning I woke up late again but was laying in bed while the market opened. I don't trade the opening drive anyway and I wasn't sitting on any emails from the job I'm working so I laid in bed to wake up for a bit. I watched the $SPY open up and put in a low just short of the target I was expecting on the day. The Fed made a stimulus announcement that reversed that selloff and it pushed higher. When it got back to the price from open it failed to go red to green and was an obvious short. I got out of bed and ran to my station but by the time I was logged in I was too and it was already back at VWAP. There was still good risk/reward on the trade but my entry should have been up at $227.00 to $227.50, not down at ~$225.00. I needed in closer to the failed red to green break so I could get a piece off before VWAP. Really irritated with myself for laying in bed and not being at my desk.

My actual trade on the day was in $ADMA. It rejected the 50-SMA and I got short looking for a breakdown back down to around $2.80. As soon as I got it popped up on me and the price action was all over the place, clearing 15 cent ranges on 3-minute candles. It made me more uncomfortable the longer I held it and I realized if I stopped out I'd probably get railed on and take a bigger loss that intended. I tried getting it down to my first target at least but just felt too uncomfortable so I took it off. I closed it for a winning day and trade and feel like it was a good trade but it was too volatile for me to be comfortable trading.