03.16.20 $OPGN

I overslept this morning and missed the first hour of trading so I sat the entire morning and lunch session out. I had $OPGN on watch all day and was looking to see if it could hold VWAP throughout lunch. It started to break down under VWAP but recovered in the afternoon session on increased volume. I was trying to get filled at $4.20, which would have been great, but it took me too long to get my order together. I ended up scrapping my limit order and took a market order in and got filled at $4.42; not a great fill but not horrible considering my stop was $4.03, $0.39 below. My first target was in front of the morning pivot at $4.85 and my second target was just in front of the high of day, over $5.00 but below $5.55. My third target was near $6.00. I got my first piece off at $4.82, perfectly, but volume faded and it couldn't get through that $4.85 level. It tried a second time and failed so I moved my stop up to $4.15 (and got filled on the way out at $4.14). A small, losing trade but a good trade none the less.