New Attitude

I  mentioned in my post yesterday that I feel like pitcher in the ninth inning of a World Series no-no and woke up this morning realizing that's absurd. I'm like a World Series pitcher that was just barely born. My upward trend for February is so insignificant in the long run it's hardly worth worrying about right now. Do I want to finish the month on an upward trend? Absolutely. Is that trend a positive sign? It is, especially since it started exactly when I sized down to attempt controlling my trades better. The wild ups and downs aren't in this month's trend which is a significant difference compared to previous months. The fact of the matter though, is that I don't just need to finish one month with an upward trend; my actual goal is to finish ~120 months from now with a positive upward trend to a point I can retire (or just continue trading without a regular job).  I created the graph below to help me visualize where I am in relation to where my goal lies and one month is so insignificant in the long run, it's really not worth worrying about. Obviously there will be some draw-downs too and the graph doesn't reflect that - it's merely to demonstrate the insignificance one month has overall.