10.05.20 $WWR

 Missed my shot at $WWR on Friday and although it took me three attempts today to get into the trade, I got it. My first attempt was a premature VWAP play; I was in for tier 1 and brought myself up to full size too soon. I should have let the tier 1 play out and added on a true break of VWAP. My second attempt I just didn't feel comfortable with my size so I sold a little off to get comfortable but still felt uneasy and ditched it. My third shot was right after I ditched shot two.. When price sucked back above VWAP and gave me a clear pivot low to work off of I used that as my shot to make a confident trade. The only thing I wish I'd have done but was unable to do was apply more focus to the position. I was busy with work stuff and caught the clear trend line too late. When I saw it I went to double my position and raise my stop but I was a couple seconds too late and missed the chance. Still a really nice trade though and swung the day from red to green for me, so no complaints.