09.29.20 $APM & $ADIL

 Pretty irritating morning, to say the least. I got beat up a little bit on $APM; the first trade I should have waited for VWAP to test before entering. I jumped the gun and entered prematurely then on my second attempt I saw a flag forming on the 15-min chart and took a shot. Realistically, I shouldn't have been in the first trade and should have only taken the second, even though it looks opposite when looking at the 3-min chart.


In the afternoon session I saw $ADIL creeping back up to VWAP and waited for it to break through. Again, I entered a little prematurely and had my stop set on the top-side of the previous upward push rather than the previous pivot-low. I stopped out on my first shot at this thing, which was pretty irritating. Had I put my stop under the pivot-low I would have been fine. Also, had I waited to enter I would have been fine. I need to be a little more patient with these moves. Even though my second shot at this one was a monster, I still ended the day with a small loss on the day because I was a little too trigger happy. Anyhow, on my second attempt I entered a little heavier than I meant to so I quickly adjusted my position size to accommodate a stop under the previous pivot-low. My first take profit was in front of the morning high; my second was in front of a level of resistance from about 9 months ago; and my final take profit was at $3.15, a level of resistance hit twice and rejected in the last year. I had my final order out at $2.95 initially but eventually corrected myself. The target was $3.15 - if I'm not going to trade my plan and not hold to my targets, what's the point of trading at all. I'm glad I changed my sell order. It was a nice confidence booster to hit it. I had no clue it would rocket to $4.00. It'll be interesting to see if this thing is still in play tomorrow.