06.30.20 $ATHE, $BLNK, $BYFC, $POLA

Frustrating morning but brought it home in the afternoon session to get green on the day. I'm pretty frustrated though I let someone else's trade effect my own. My mentor sold out of his $POLA position around $3.60 so I blindly closed mine in that area even though my final target was $4.00. I haven't executed a trade just because he has, ever I think, but for some reason I spooked. I should have stayed in that position and traded my plan. I have no idea what his plan even was. My trade in $BYCF was a dumb trade as well; I got long inside VWAP when the move was clearly short from that position. I played into a made hand. My other trades were failed setups for the most part. I still feel like I'm over-trading. I need to shake that piece from my program real quick.