04.30.20 $MRNA & ZM

One winner, one winner I should have held longer.

My first trade was in Zoom Video Communications. I  caught a really nice entry and pealed my first two pieces off the table right where I wanted to. Just after taking my second piece off the table the tradeline broke so I got flat. Nice little win to start the day.

I'm still watching Moderna, since my brother is still long the name. It also has a really nice range. Anyhow, I loved the break of the initial morning high and VWAP and was looking for a move back to the low of day. I caught and okay entry and was able to add shortly after entry. It started making the move I was anticipating and for whatever reason, I got shook and closed the position. What started shaking me up was that I entered during lunch and felt like I shouldn't have. Still not sure if I should trust lunchtime moves like this - sometimes I feel like it's okay because it's not a breakout. It's a different kind of trade. Idk... Bummed I didn't hold it but I felt uncomfortable and closed it out. That was the right thing to do.