04.20.20 &BA, $RCL, $SFET, & $SPY

Another Monday, another loss. Four trades in total but only two actual shots, one of which I'm not sure what I was thinking.

I jumped in long expecting the tradeline and VWAP to hold support and the tradeline to push me up and through the high of day, just like $BA on Friday but the tradeline, VWAP, and the initial morning high all failed me. Solid setup and no different than the loss on Friday taking the same setup, I'd trade it again.

I honestly don't know what I thought I saw on this trade. I hopped in short expecting the tradeline to hold it down and push to new lows on the day. Not a good setup. I don't even know what I'd call the setup if I had to name it. We were still above the initial morning high, we'd put in two additional highs, yet I got short? The chart was reading that any trade should be long, not short. Complete misread on my part.

$RCL & $BA
These are both trades I jumped into and immediately sold off. I read the turn from the high of day on Royal Caribbean dead on and took an entry of frustration, realized what I was doing, and immediately flattened the position. This would have been a monster short had I entered where I read the turn.. I jumped in short on Boeing with the break of $143.22 from the bear flag above that level. I went to take my first profit off and my computer froze. At that point I sold it off to get flat because my computer was being weird. After this issue I decided to just call it a day.