03.18.20 $VXRT, $APRN, $TVIX, & $AMD

I over-traded, same as I did two weeks ago on Wednesday. Coincidence? Probably.. I didn't dig a hole like I did a couple weeks ago but I'm still taking and L on the day. I'm not sure what it is but when I'm waiting and waiting and waiting and finally take a trade, only to watch it fail, it really gets my goat and can put me on tilt pretty easily depending on the day. I think tilt might hit me when the loss is immediate. If I'm in the trade for a while and get skunked it doesn't seem to bother me as much but when I enter and immediately get raked, it's tilt time. Something I need to focus on. 

My first trade was $VXRT. I really liked that it didn't roll over completely after putting in the morning high and worked it's way up to VWAP. When it crossed VWAP it did so with increased volume and I was expecting it to hold. I was in the trade maybe 10 minutes and didn't like how it was consolidating right on top of VWAP. It should have moved away and back to the high of day sooner. That's what I was thinking while in the position. I kept debating whether or not I should dump it but kept coming back around to just letting it work itself out.

This is the trade I think put me on tilt. After taking the loss in $VXRT, then getting smoked on this trade so quickly, it riled me up and got my blood boiling. I entered too soon though now that I'm reviewing the trade. I was looking for $15.45 to hold support and entered at $15.90 almost immediately after that level was broken and recovered. I should have given this another couple minutes to work, although the results would have been the same and I would have still taken the L on the trade.

This trade was dumb and something I hope to god I'd never do when I start trading size. The $SPY was failing VWAP and I took the shot at the wild volatility the $TVIX was giving up for a quick scalp. It worked and was a winning trade but I would file the trade in the trash can and not in the "good trade" file. I shouldn't have taken it but was looking to recover what I lost on $APRN and $VXRT. I should have shut it down for the day after this trade..

These 2 trades in $AMD should never have happened. I should have been shut down already but was still on tilt and still looking to put a couple bucks back in the coffer after my morning loss. The first trade I took here was chasing in the truest sense of the word and meaning. There was no valid reason to take this trade; no setup, no nothing. It was going higher and I jumped on it and lost. I earned this one. The second trade was just as stupid as the first. It wasn't a chase but the setup was unbelievably weak. It failed to continue higher from the move I got stopped out on in the first trade so I flipped and took it short. I also came in with more size than I should have, revenge trading basically. I knew I was being stupid and started unloading the position as it moved lower. I should have closed the entire trade and got flat but held 40% until it stopped me out. 

My first trade was a good setup and a good trade that just didn't work. Everything after that was trying to make something out of nothing. Time will tell if I learned any lessons. The loss I took a couple weeks ago would point to today and slap itself in the face. Quit being an idiot, Matt.