03.04.20 $AMD, $UBER, & $LYFT: Stupid Day

I'm pretty disgusted with my trading today. I was tied up during the morning session and couldn't trade but I was logged into my trading platform anyway. I learned a lesson today that if I'm not trading, there's no reason to be logged in. I'd been watching $UBER form an ascending pennant, destined to break out over it's flat topped highs of the last few days. I got busy and wasn't looking at my charts for a couple hours and when I put them back on screen I saw $UBER not only came into my buy zone, it broke out and made the move I was anticipating. Missed moves put me on edge and I should have shut down right then. Instead, I started taking trades right in the middle of lunch, knowing they're less likely to work.

I got long $UBER in front of a pivot high and when it didn't hold, I added to my position over yesterday's high. That failed as well so I stopped out. I then got long over the initial morning high and that trade failed and I stopped out. At the end of the day I tried it again looking for a move back to the high of day but there was just no volume to support the move. It'll gap up for open tomorrow though, I'm sure of that...

After getting crushed on my first two trades on $UBER I watched $AMD reject the 50-day moving average, so I got short lookinng for a move back to VWAP. It immediately turned on me and started moving higher. I did get a teeny tiny scalp out of it at thee end of the day while I was losing more money in my last $UBER trade, so there's that...

I didn't let ride sharing stocks take enough from me today so I also traded $LYFT. When it put in a new high of day on really nice volume, I got long looking for a move back to the high of day. Nope. This one failed me too.. 

Looking back at my trades they weren't really horrible setups but I definitely over traded. When my first trade in $UBER didn't get follow through, then my second, and my third, there was no sign anything was going to give me the follow through I was expecting. I was also attempting to trade large cap names in a wild environment. Part of my issue today was that I'm on a hot streak and didn't want to take the L. I had one coming to me and I could have taken a small one. Today isn't a small red day though. I gave up two or three days profit today by not being willing to accept a loss. Guess what? You took the L anyway, idiot...