03.02.20 $AMRN Both Ways

I took two trades on $AMRN today and I'm not unhappy with how I traded but I made a mistake taking my second piece of profit in my first trade and rather than closing 50% I closed my balance. I thought about adding back to get the last piece but decided against it and started thinking about my next trade. My first trade was a lunch time fade back into VWAP, which ended up working but I had to hold through some mud, which makes my mistake taking profit a little irritating. My second trade was a VWAP bounce scalp and I used a market order to get into the trade. I got a pretty bad fill from where I wanted to get in which made me question the position. I was looking to get close to the last pivot high but because of my bad fill, I didn't like my risk reward on the trade and closed the position; profitable trade but not really great execution on my part. I should have used a limit order to get in right on VWAP.