February 10-14, 2020: Week in Review

My intent at the beginning of the week was to journal everyday but I failed to do so. What I didn't fail to do was have the best week trading since I started. The momentum from the $BYND trade carried into this week and one trade after another I executed my plans perfectly. Not every trade worked out but even in those instances I executed my plan perfectly. A good trade isn't always a winning trade; a good trade occurs when the setup and risk are clearly identified and I stick to my plan. This week I need to make a point to journal each day, share the trades I took and why I took them. The reflection back on them will effect my future self in two ways: 1) if the trades are poor it gives me a chance to learn from my mistakes and study what I did wrong; 2) if my trades work it embeds a positive attitude and adds confidence. Both points encourage growth and growth is what I need to be successful.